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Interior Trim

Central PA’s Interior Trim and Moldings Supplier

Living room with Metrie interior trim and moldingGR Mitchell carries Metrie™ – North America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of interior moldings. Our Willow Street showroom has a large selection of molding options from which to choose. Looking for a unique solution? Our Architectural Millwork Shop can create high-quality, paint-ready, interior trim and moldings in the wood finish you choose.

Residential and Commercial Trim Installation
As a leader in building supply, GR Mitchell works with builders and contractors on restoration and new construction projects of all sizes. We can order trim to your specifications and deliver to your specified location. We also offer turnkey framing and trim installation services that allow you to pay one price for the trim delivery and installation by our experienced tradesmen.

Types of Interior Trim and Molding

Below are some of the trim options available from Metrie. To learn more about Metrie products Download the Metrie catalog here.

Detail of Metrie Baseboard TrimFloor Trim Types

The baseboard is the wooden panel that runs along the base of the wall covering its intersection with the floor. Baseboards come in a variety of shapes and profiles.

Baseboard Caps and Shoes
A baseboard cap is decorative trim that goes on top of the baseboard, against the wall, to give it a more detailed and finished look. Baseboard shoes go on the floor against the base of the baseboard to give it a similar effect.

Baseboard Corner
The baseboard corner is a radius corner that matches the side profile of the baseboard so the baseboard appears to go around the corner.

Quarter Round
Quarter round is a molding that has a variety of sizes and uses but usually is used to cover any gaps that exist between the baseboard and the floor.

Detail of Metrie Architrave window and door trimWindow & Door Trim Types

An architrave is the trim used to decorate the top of a doorway, window or opening. Architraves are often used to make an opening look taller.

An astragal closes the clearance gap between double doors. It is attached along the vertical stile edge of the door that is closed second.

Casings are used to go around doors and windows to cover the space between the drywall and the door frame. Casing comes in a variety of materials and profiles.

Door Stop
The door stop is molding that runs along the inside of the door jamb to stop the door in the center of its frame.

Glass and Sash Beads
Sash beads are narrow pieces of molding that are used as edging along a door or window sash. When used to hold glass inside a door it is a glass bead.

Ikons™ are designed by Metrie to be used as a ceiling detail, at the top of doors or windows, or as decorative molding around a mirror or picture frame.

The top and side jambs line the inside of a doorway. On most doors the jamb is four and a half inches wide, but on older stone homes the jamb can be much wider.

Plinth Block
Similar to a baseboard, a plinth block covers the base of the door casing to cover any gaps between the casing and the floor.

Rosettes are decorative pieces used where two trim pieces intersect. Most often the rosette is in the shape of a flower.

Screen Mold
Originally used to hold the screen mesh to the wooden frame, screen molds are now used as a trim for wallpaper and shelving.

Detail of Metrie Ceiling and Wall moulding and trimCeiling & Wall Trim Types

Bed Mould
A bed mould covers the joint between the ceiling and wall. It is similar to crown molding but can be flush to the wall.

Chair Rail
A chair rail runs along the wall 2’ to 6’ above the baseboard, sometimes on top of wainscoting. Originally used to protect the wall from the backs of chairs they now provide a visual interest to the room.

Corner Guard
Corner guards come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. They are used to protect protruding wall corners from damage.

A cove is a concave piece of trim that fits along the inner corners of walls and trim.

Crown Molding
Sometimes called a cornice, crown molding sits at an angle between the wall and the ceiling. Crown molding gives the room a finished regal look.

Hand Rail
The hand rail of a stairway can often be a source of detailing when paired with matching trim.

Panel or Picture Mold
Panel molding creates visual interest on panels or walls by framing a space within it.

Wainscot Moldings
Wainscot is trim that is installed below the chair rail and above the baseboard. Often the moldings appear in rectangular shapes to add visual interest to the wall.

Detail of Metrie Ceiling trim and MouldingDecorative Trim Types

Back Splash
Backsplash molding runs along the wall at the back of the countertop to protect the wall against stains and damage.

Counter Edge
This decorative molding runs along the outer edge of the countertop to give it a finished look.

Flat Stock
Flat stock is square interior trim that can be used for many applications like shelving baseboards casing, and window ledges. Flat stock comes Surfaced 4 Sides (S4S) or Surfaced 3 Sides (S3S).

Full Round
Full round is cylindrical. It also has a wide variety of uses, including towel rods and closet poles.

Half Round
Half round is usually used as trim on flat walls to add visual interest or frame wallpaper. It can also be used to make a round edge on shelving.

Lattice is thin flat molding. It has many uses as trim. It can hide edges, seams and fill in areas where a flat strip is needed.

Explore Our Trim Selection in Our Store

Visit our location in Willow Street PA and you can speak with our design center experts who will show you the options available for your interior trim project. Our  design center has displays of both Metrie molding and our custom millwork options. What ever you need we can find the perfect piece of molding to bring your room together. To learn more, call us at 717-464-2999