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Turnkey Framing Installation Services

turnkey framing example of a residential homeAdvantages of Turnkey Framing Installation Services

Turnkey Framing at GR Mitchell
Turnkey framing services combine the supplier and the framing contractors. Our Prime Builder Services removes the headaches that can occur between the blueprint and the installed product. Estimating, planning, proofreading of shop drawings, logistics and delivery, volatile material prices, and a thorough framing labor estimate, are all contained in a single – and fixed – price. You will also have the same project manager who handles each phase of the turnkey framing project. Your framing construction project will be much easier.

Turnkey Framing Service Area
Prime Builder Services provides turnkey framing and other turnkey construction services to builders and general contractors throughout South Central and South Eastern PA. We also work on building projects in the DE and MD areas.

Turnkey Framing Solutions:

 Prime Builder Services solves framing issues. The framing construction industry is always looking for ways to improve efficiencies. New products, different business models, and innovations in processes attempt to push greater profits from each job. With the framing scope of work often being one of the larger contracts in a project, poor framing subcontractors can be one of the quickest ways to lose money from the job’s bottom line. As the general contractor, you have to look for accuracy in truss drawings, floor systems, quantities of stick lumber, shear wall assemblies, and quantities and types of hardware, all the while attempting to hold the pricing in a volatile lumber market.

Unfortunately, attempting to understand the completeness of materials only covers part of the framing contractors scope. The framing labor also has to be on the same page as the general contractor and supplier to achieve an accurate proposal for the labor.

How Turnkey Framing Makes Framing Construction More Efficient
Traditionally, general contractors work with their supplier and estimators to determine the contents and costs of the material package for a particular project. During projects that may take 6 months to a year or more to supply, the supplier will rarely hold material pricing for the duration of the project without some form of negotiating. General contractors are faced with decisions about buying out material on the front end to hold pricing, but many times the storage of the material becomes an issue. For production homebuilders, rising material prices are a never-ending challenge for homes that are sold and not framed for weeks or months later. The general contractor also has to determine how accurate the proposals are from the framing subcontractors. It is common to have labor proposals that are not complete or do not include everything in their pricing that is needed on the job.

To learn more about our turnkey framing and turnkey installation services, call us at 800-887-4577 or send us an email at You can also visit our Building Supply Counter at our location in Willow Street, PA.