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Lancaster County’s Interior & Exterior Door Store

GR Mitchell Interior Door Store ShowroomOur door store showroom in Willow Street lets you see interior and exterior doors from today’s top manufacturers. Our Architectural Millwork Shop can also build fully custom doors to your specifications in the wood species you choose. Whether you are changing your front door or building your home, our knowledgeable staff will listen to your requirements and show you the right doors for your project.

Commercial Door Installation Services

As a leader in Building Supply, GR Mitchell works with builders and contractors on commercial, restoration and new construction projects of all sizes. We will make sure all doors meet your unique specifications. We also offer turnkey framing and door installation services so you can pay one price for the doors, delivery, and installation.

Featured Door Brands

Types of Doors

The panel door is one of the most popular styles. They feature separate panel details in the center of the door. The shape of the panels can range from the traditional square to almost any shape imaginable.

Sliding doors have come a long way in the past few decades. Now sliding doors come in a wide range of materials and designs for interior and exterior use.

Bypass Doors are another form of sliding door where two doors slide past one another to open. Bypass doors are often used for closets. They come in many styles.

Pocket doors are sliding doors that slide into the wall and ‘disappear’ into the door frame. Pocket doors are practical in areas where there is no room to swing an open door.

Storm Doors
From full glass to retractable screens and even pet-friendly options, storm doors have come a long way. And with Larson leading the charge, GR Mitchell is proud to have access to their full catalog of products.

Barn doors are a sliding door based on the design of vintage barn doors. They hang on a track and trolley and roll open. Barn doors come in a variety of sizes and also require a fair amount of wall-space to work effectively. Large barn doors can open up two rooms into a single open area.

Dutch doors, or stable doors, are also styled after barn doors. They have a top and bottom half that allow the bottom to stay closed when the top half is opened.

Plank doors have vertical planks in the central panel of the door. The plank and panel size can vary greatly depending on the style and use you are looking for.

At GR Mitchell, we can show you modern styles that have original takes on classic designs and some designs that are entirely new.

Glass doors add light and space to a room. Glass inserts can be transparent or translucent for privacy. Today’s modern door designs offer an alternative to traditional French and Victorian designs.

Louver Doors
Louver doors have a shuttered style and a horizontal slatted design. Originally designed to keep out rain and direct sunlight on plantations, louver doors are still a great way to improve air-flow between rooms.

Also called radius-top or round top doorways, these doors add a unique style to your home. GR Mitchell can find the perfect arched door for your project or we can build custom door for you. 

Clipped Corner
If you have a slanted ceiling or wall from a roof or stairway that prevents a square door from working you may need a clipped corner door. These doors have a corner removed to accommodate an obstacle or add visual interest to your home.

A pivot door does not hang on hinges; instead it rotates on pins that are mounted in the top and bottom of the door frame. Doors can pivot on the side or rotate on their center.

Folding doors have hinges in the middle that allows them to fold along a track. This is a popular option for closet doors when there is not much room to open a larger door.

Entry Exterior
Entry Doors are the exterior doors of your home. Exterior doors need to be secure as well as beautiful. We can order or build existing or custom door styles for exterior use.

Fire Rated
If you need a fire door that matches the style of your residence or commercial building, we can help you find a good-looking door that is also fire rated.

Sound Reducing STC Rated
At GR Mitchell, we carry TruStile sound rated door packages. These high density doors, when coupled with hardware gasketing and perimeter sealing, can offer STC ratings from 18 to 39.