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 Wood Cabinetry Care and Cleaning Tips

Care Tips for Stained and Painted Wood Cabinetry

The finished solid wood and genuine wood veneer cabinet components used in your cabinets are finished with a high quality catalyzed conversion varnish designed to withstand the hard wear of continuous usage for many years. The finishing materials are specially formulated to meet the most stringent industry performance standards for resistance to moisture, food stains, fruit acids, alcohol, grease, soap and detergents. This finish protects the wood and enhances its natural beauty. The following are guidelines and recommendations to keep your cabinets beautiful.

    • Regular exterior cleaning
      requires only wiping with a damp cloth and then drying. Remove oil, grease or general soil using a clean cloth dampened with a fresh solution of mild soap and water. Rinse with a clean, damp cloth, then dry thoroughly. Never use soap pads, steel wool or cleaners that contain bleach, ammonia or abrasives. These agents may cause discoloration, marring or dulling of the finish. Do not wax or polish cabinet surfaces. Wax build-up will leave a residue that is difficult to remove. Polishes containing silicone should not be used. Products such as Murphy’s Oil Soap contain no wax, petroleum or silicones.


    • Repair all nicks and scratches
      with a matching wood tone “TOUCH-UP KIT” (TUK) formulated to match the cabinet’s finish. Available from your dealer, the kit includes a soft fill stick and a touch-up pen. If scratches or nicks still show after using a touch-up pen, a soft fill stick can be applied. Simply rub the soft fill stick over the scratched area and wipe away excess with a clean soft cloth. Then apply a protective coating with a clear acrylic spray (available from paint section of your local hardware store). Never use sandpaper or any other type of abrasive paper or material to even out a scratch, as it will damage the cabinet finish. Note: More substantial repairs may require professional attention.


    • Do not use harsh detergents,
      strong soap, abrasive cleaners, or self-polishing waxes. All of these items can remove the cabinets’ factory-applied finish.


    • Do not use a dishcloth
      to clean or dry cabinet exteriors. It may contain remnants of detergents and grease.


    • Treat your cabinets as you would fine furniture,
      and they will reward you with long-lasting beauty. Excess moisture is an enemy of any finish. Sink, range, dishwasher, oven and baseboard areas are the most susceptible. Immediately dry surface where water may have spilled, using a clean cloth. Avoid draping damp cloths or dishtowels over the cabinet doors. Over a period of time, this moisture could cause permanent damage to your cabinet finish.


Cabinetry Environment

    • Routine cleaning will help prevent long term damage from smoke and grease. They should be avoided because they can form a hard film over time, dulling the finish.


    • When possible, keep cabinets out of direct sunlight or close curtains during the sunniest part of the day. Direct sunlight will cause cabinets to lighten or darken over time.


  • Try to avoid exposing your cabinets to very hot and cold environments. Extremes in temperature and moisture can cause wood to expand and contract, eventually damaging the finish.




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