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Room scene with Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation windowsGR Mitchell carries brand name windows for home and commercial applications. Our Willow Street window showroom lets you get a good look at the leading window manufacturers before you buy. Our sales staff can work with you to make sure you are getting the right windows for your project. As the only Premier Marvin Retailer in our area, We have Marvin showrooms in both our Willow Street and York locations. We can make sure your windows are not only beautiful but also keeping your home more energy efficient.

If you are looking for unique or historical wood windows, we can fabricate your windows in our Architechtural Millwork Shop to meet your specifications.

Residential and Commercial Window Applications

GR Mitchell works with builders and contractors on windows and building supplies for restoration and new construction projects of all sizes. We can order to your specifications and deliver to your specified location. We also offer turnkey framing and window installation services which would include the installation of windows and doors on new construction projects. For remodel projects, we can direct you to the best installers in our area.

Featured Window Brands

Windows Supplied By GR Mitchell

Types of Windows

Double Hung
The most popular type of window, most commonly used in traditional homes. Two sections of framed glass sliding bottom up, or top down.

This window is hinged on the side, and swings inward or outward like a door, letting air flow freely.

Designed especially for horizontal operation. Glass-framed panels slide open on tracks, so there’s no lifting involved.

Hinged on top and swings outward, 
so you can leave it open when it rains. Often placed higher for added privacy and natural light.

Bay And Bow
Bays feature a fixed center window, with venting windows angled on the sides. Bows are made up of a series of windows connected in a gentle curve.

Tilt Turn
Dual-function window with two methods of operation; swings in like a door or tilts in from the top for ventilation, both with one-handed control.

Replacement Window Considerations

When choosing replacement windows, keep in mind window location and access needs. Remember, you can replace a window with a different type that’s better suited for the space.

  • Casements for hard to reach places—like over a kitchen sink
  • Tilt Turns… an alternative to a balcony door, or for an emergency exit option
  • Double Hung windows are easy to clean from the inside with tilt-in wash mode
  • Gliders are a good choice when space doesn’t allow for swinging windows
  • Specialty windows in various shapes can add drama to larger spaces

Window Material Comparison

A common material for replacement needs, vinyl windows 
and doors feature a rigid, impact-resistant exterior that is low maintenance. Common colors include white and almond/beige. Vinyl windows are an excellent value for those on a lower budget. Mi Windows and Doors construct their windows utilizing vinyl components.

Vinyl-Based Composites
Vinyl composite windows are made from a mixture of synthetic and natural materials, such as vinyl and wood. Fibrex® is a popular type. Fibrex contains no fiberglass such as the name suggests.

Comprised of glass fiber and resin, fiberglass is strong, durable and a good insulator. Low maintenance, superior strength, and energy efficiency make fiberglass ideal for many homes. Although more expensive than vinyl, fiberglass is the best value in window materials. Marvin’s “Ultrex” material is made from pultruded fiberglass.

Roll-Form Aluminum
Roll-form aluminum is a low-maintenance material typically suitable only in mild climates. It’s relatively thin, like a soda can, so it has a tendency to conduct heat and cold. Plus, in harsh environments it can corrode quite easily.

Extruded Aluminum
Extruded aluminum is thicker than roll-form used in most window cladding. Marvin® is the only manufacturer to use extruded aluminum cladding as standard on all major clad components: frame, sash, and divided lite bars. With a superior finish exceeding the industry’s highest standards, Marvin’s Wood Clad products (wood inside with an extruded aluminum covering on the outside) retain their color, and finish for years to come.

Often used for historic projects, wood brings natural beauty to any project. Wood is strong and a good insulator, adding beauty inside and outside the home. Wood exteriors do require regular painting, staining, and repairing. That’s why many manufacturers offer
 a wood window that’s clad with vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass. You get the beauty of wood on the inside, and a stronger, low-maintenance exterior.

For more information on window replacement, download the Pdf Simplifying Window And Door Replacement from Marvin Windows and Doors or watch our video on how to choose replacement windows. To order windows and other building materials call our Builder Materials Counter at 717-464-2999.