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The Crossings At Conestoga Creek

Posted on August 14th, 2019

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Lancaster was abuzz when it was announced that a Wegmans was coming to town, but the Crossings at Conestoga Creek offered more than just another grocery market. A large, high-end apartment complex accompanied the  construction of various retail & restaurant spaces, bringing much-needed housing options to the area. But the unique aesthetic needs of the project paired with the ever-growing focus on construction efficiencies lead us to partner with MI Windows when sourcing this high-profile set of buildings. The synergy between manufacturer, supplier, and builder resulted in an impressive execution of the plan for the Crossings at Conestoga Creek.

The below case study, drafted and originally published by MI, outlines the development of this multi-use complex and what drove the decision to feature MI windows.

Case Study – Upscale units in Lancaster have MI windows with clay exterior

Like many medium-sized cities across the country, Lancaster, Pa., is going through a renaissance. The former nation’s capital (for one day in 1777, but still) has been growing in the 21st century. There’s a new minor-league baseball team to support, a nascent arts district, and a wide array of new restaurants and pubs downtown. This revitalization is not limited to just the new and shiny. 

The Crossings At Conestoga Creek

No, Lancaster, a city that was founded in 1742, respects its history. Thus, the Central Market – the oldest continuously operated farmers’ market in the U.S. – went through a $7 million renovation that was completed in 2011.
On the outskirts of the city, along the Harrisburg Pike, a new multi-use facility has added to Lancaster’s rebirth. “The Crossings at Conestoga Creek,” which opened in 2018, is a $120 million project that features a Wegmans supermarket, more than a dozen retail stores and restaurants, a hotel, and 258 high-end apartments. 

“The project also includes several miles of interpretive trails and wildlife viewing areas along the adjacent stream corridor,” says Colton Smoker, assistant project manager for High Construction, the company that built the complex. “We wanted to create a memorable place with intimate settings where people can enjoy visiting new stores and restaurants and relaxing at outdoor gathering places.” 
The apartments are a big part of the project. When it came time to design these multi-family units, Smoker decided to go with MI Windows and Doors. “The biggest benefit was the factory mull on the MI windows,” Smoker says. “Other companies did not offer this, so we would have been doing a piece-by-piece install, and that’s not the case with these MI windows.” Smoker chose windows from MI’s 4300 line. Offering crafted features that provide remarkable aesthetics, durability, and energy efficiency, the 4300 vinyl singlehung is made for both style-conscious residents as well as efficiency- and quality-minded builders and contractors. Clay is our newest extruded color option. It’s an upgrade from the more traditional Almond color.

MI Windows Clay CasingMI Windows Clay CasingAnd with standard features that include an exterior brickmould, pre-punched mounting fin, constantforce balance system, and easily removable sash for efficient drywall pass-through, the 4300 single-hung is a stylish product that enhances the curb appeal of a home without sacrificing efficiency during the construction process.

The 4300 single-hung is complemented on this project by the 4300 picture window, which offers style, sophistication, and unobstructed views throughout the home. Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, or builder, if you’re looking for a small picture window for a bathroom, or a big picture window for your den or dining room, the 4300 makes a statement and provides a fabulous view. What’s more, the 4300 single-hung and picture windows are available in one of three standard exterior colors. For The Crossings at Conestoga Creek, Clay was chosen. “Exterior colors are a growing trend in the window industry,” MI Director of Marketing Anthony Matter says. “Clay is our newest extruded color option. It’s an upgrade from the more traditional Almond color, and because it’s extruded it provides even color distribution inside and out.” According to MI Northeast Sales Representative Andy Brill, the clay color option – in addition to the aforementioned mulling – was a big reason why High Construction went with MI Windows. “The color was very important,” Brill says. “We were able to give them that clay option at an affordable price.”

The residents at these apartments are now part of a mixed-use development center that features not just new retail and living space, but also a healthy respect for the local environment. “The overall project includes restoration and improvement of two waterways in the vicinity of the site, the Little Conestoga Creek and an additional unnamed tributary,” Smoker says. “The project’s design also integrates with the serene and beautiful landmark across the street – Long’s Park.”

Gifted to the city of Lancaster in 1900 by Catherine Long, the park is an 80-acre oasis that features an amphitheater, a jogging trail, and picnic pavilions. It’s one of the many reasons that more and more people are moving to the Red Rose City. “Lancaster offers a balance between natural and commercial spaces that residents appreciate,” Smoker says. “Expansive farms rub elbows with manicured suburbs, which lead right into the bustling city. A short drive can take one through each of these environments. Each area boasts its own unique groups of inhabitants: farmers, families, college students, and young professionals. From close-knit church communities to the indie coffee shop scene, Lancaster holds something for everyone.”

You can download a pdf of MI’s case study from the original positing on their website using this link.