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Become A Hero To Your Homeowner Clients: Marvin Windows and Doors

Posted on August 7th, 2018 Gentlemen replacing windows on a home.

You’re already a dedicated contractor and trusted advisor to your clients. But how do you really wow them to gain their rave reviews? By coming through on all the details, especially those that are easily observed by homeowners and their guests. Windows are a classic example, as homeowners can easily feel when a window has quality or is installed well.

As a home builder, remodeler, or contractor, it’s up to you to guide homeowners through selecting the right windows for their homes. You will walk them through decisions on how a certain window can improve their home’s look, save on their energy bills, or have the right quality-to-cost ratio to meet their budget needs. Being able to identify homeowners’ concerns and give them the best answers is what transforms a typical contractor into a client hero.

Marvin Windows and Doors helps contractors become heroes to their clients by providing solutions to fit any homeowners’ pain points. With its “Built around you®” philosophy, Marvin offers extensive versatility in the shape, style, size, and finishing options so the window can match your project’s application. For clients concerned about saving on their energy bills, Marvin Windows and Doors offers high-performance ENERGY STAR® windows and even offers over 16,000 window, door, and glass options with a 0.20 U-factor or lower.

Homeowners are looking for contractors to listen to their needs and to knowledgeably recommend brands and solutions that will deliver the style and performance they are looking for. Marvin Windows and Doors’ versatility provides the flexibility you need to exceed your clients’ expectations, but the quality of this company is what will gain your clients’ trust. For more than four generations, this company has stood on a foundation of values and quality, providing long-term value for homeowners. In fact, Marvin Windows and Doors has been voted “Best in Quality” by builders and industry professionals according to Builder Magazine’s 2018 brand use study. Marvin Windows and Doors products are built to last, which is a benefit that homeowners notice and appreciate.

Marvin Windows and Doors goes the extra mile in supporting contractors. During the process, enthusiastic representatives deliver stellar customer service. Additionally, every Marvin window and door is covered by a full 20 years on glass seals and 10 years on manufacturing defects that result in chalk or fade. Learn more about Marvin Windows and Doors’ products and services in their brochure, here.

GR Mitchell is a premier Marvin Windows and Doors dealer in Lancaster County. We are uniquely qualified to help you select the perfect window and door for your style and needs. Visit our showroom to get a true feel for how the windows look, operate, and feel. The more you know about the windows and doors, the more confident you will feel recommending them to your clients. Have a question you’d like answered by a GR Mitchell professional? Simply complete our Contact form or call 717-572-7518.